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Tiptoe Through the Gardens with Tim – May 2022

Hello May!

Average temperatures in May here are 86F for the highs and 68F for the lows. The first few weeks of May should bring back the love bugs. Remember to rinse off your vehicles regularly as they can cause damage to the paint. Alligator mating season runs from April through May. Frogs will continue to croak loudly and you will also see the return of the little tiny frogs hopping about. Hatching this month will be the ducks and moorhens.

The board is attempting to have our non-profit association operate legally and follow procedures according to Florida laws and statutes, along with guidance from auditors. Please bear with us as we are making changes that we may not all agree with. Trust of any of our residents is not the issue. Any business transactions above $100 will be made by check or money order. Thank you.

The board meeting entailed the number of rentals in our community as well as the number of units any entity may purchase. These issues were voted on by residents, but failed to reach the required affirmative votes. We speculate that it was due to the “inheritance clause“ and we will attempt to bring the issues to another vote soon and to include the inheritance of our units to family members. It seems the only way to discourage any entities from purchasing numerous units, is to vote for a one or two year interim before anyone is able to rent that unit. Remember, the majority of owners are NOT returning their ballots for any issue to pass. Every one of us should attempt to contact and remind our neighbors to return their ballots, either to the office or electronically, as this process is expensive.

We are moving forward with a few issues concerning our landscaping. The shrubbery should be trimmed to a height of 4 1/2 feet and the trimming of the robellini, pygmy date palms, are not included. The new wood shop tool cabinet keys will be available soon in the office, provided we have a current waiver on file. Turn in your old key for a new one.

All residents are required to notify the office upon departure of and return to their unit. If you are renting out any units, all renters are required to have an application on file in the office, with all the occupants listed each and every time the unit is rented out and when new occupants are residing in these units.

We are attempting to increase the number of trailer/RV/boat spots in the back lot and will hopefully begin the moving process when the snowbirds return. On another note, the board tabled, for now, establishing an equity line of credit for our association for disaster emergencies, as insurance companies may delay necessary payments should we need to act immediately after any damages occurring to our community.

Thank you and see you in June!









Tiptoe Through the Gardens with Tim – Apr 2022

Hello April!

Average temperatures in April are 81F for the highs and 62F for the lows. Pollen season began in January and should end in May. We have 50% more pollen this season because of higher temperatures and levels of carbon dioxide. The frogs will continue to croak loudly with warmer temperatures. You will notice circles at the bottom of the lakes where the fish are spawning. The male fish will gather the eggs strewn about, “spit” these back into the center and continue to guard them. The third week of April brings (duck and hen) chicks, turtles laying eggs and a few little frogs will jump here and there.

The Town Hall Forum for March entailed feeding of animals. It is illegal to feed the wildlife and if we do not feed the cats, we will eliminate our cat problems. The fountain pump is being rebuilt. Fences and sidewalks are power-washed annually, provided we have the personell. Many associations are experiencing staffing shortages as we are. Tahitian Gardens Circle will be paved in the next few years along with painting the centerline along with the parking spaces.

Rules are rules, please adhere to them. A prior board member mentioned that trucks were prohibited from parking here a few years back and they had to park their S-10 pickup in the back lot. Units are permitted to have two vehicles parked here.  Residents have right of way on the sidewalks, not your dogs. Please be respectful. Dog dung spotted right in the grass by my vehicle and along the lakes. Clean up after your dogs.

Let’s not be negligent. Please assure that your doors have the stops and chains attached. Also have your air conditioning/air handler units checked and maintained annually along with your water heaters. Cockroaches mainly enter units through toilets without water. Place cellophane over toilets when returning north. The association is only responsible for building infestations, not your individual units.

The March Board Meeting entailed renewing our laundry contract to become profitable for us. Eventually we will be adding credit card options for payment in the laundry room. We will be adding pet waste stations as well. The gate and fence should be up in the first few weeks of April.

Community Day volunteers painted along the bottom of the pool area murals and cleaned up the fronds and trash located outside our fence up front. Thank you again to all who volunteer their time and effort. Thank you.

See you in May,









Tiptoe Through the Gardens with Tim – Mar 2022


Average temperatures in March are 77F for the highs and 57F for the lows. Pollen season continues throughout this month and the leaves have pretty much all fallen off the trees. As the temperatures warm up, you will hear the frogs croaking.

February’s Town Hall discussions and Board Meeting business covered issues such as man power, equipment and product shortages. These effected the gutter/awning replacements, gate installation delays and various repair work. Roofing issues were addressed. New project ideas should be submitted in writing to the office and entail the entire scope, funding and resident support within Florida laws and statutes. From there it will be forwarded to the associated committee and/or to the board. We are working on having committee representation present here when the snowboards have flown north. Committees are to hold meetings and document these with “Minutes”. Funds and monies are to be managed and disbursed through the office, according to state laws and statutes.

Back lot trailer rules and ideas were discussed. Mentioned were vehicles are to be road-worthy with license plates attached, annual copy of registration and a key to the trailer hitch lock should be available in the office. The bulletin board by the game room door is there for real estate business.

Various issues with dogs were mentioned and it was brought to our attention that just recently, dogs were permitted to be walked around the Gardens. Prior to that, this was not permitted and animals were restricted to the resident’s front yards. Mentioned were the $32 per month dues for a one bedroom condo…40 years ago, back then a candy bar was 5 cents. Now a candy bar is about a dollar, twenty times what it was. Now if your dues had kept up with inflation, they should be over $640 now. Be thankful. Again, tree branches hanging over parking areas will only be trimmed and cut if these are not detrimental to the health of the tree, as determined by an arborist. Healthy trees will not be removed.

The turn-around for the gate has been paved and the gate is in the powder coating process at this time. The Veterans’ Memorial Garden will be completed, once the dedication plaque stand is constructed. Thank you again veterans and volunteers! Community Day entailed cleanup of the fence area up front, along with touch up painting around the kitchen and pool areas. Again, thank you to all the volunteers!!!


For any questions, comments, concerns or work order requests, please leave a written note with your name and unit number at the office so that the office and board may address them appropriately.

 Thank you and see you in April! Tim








Tiptoe Through the Gardens with Tim – Feb 2022

Next month will be the one year anniversary of Tiptoeing Through the Gardens! Complaints have come in that the articles are repetitive and not informative enough. We are attempting to inform the new residents, who arrive throughout the year, of our rules, events and infos.

Average temperatures in February are 72F for the highs and 53F for the lows. Pollen season continues, as well as the leaves falling off the trees. With 11 species of oak trees, Florida is one of the worst areas in the world for allergy sufferers. About the third week into February, frogs will croak loudly throughout the evenings.

January’s Town Hall discussions and Board Meeting business covered issues such as sidewalk repairs, gutters, grates and such, that are being taken care of as firms are dealing with personnel and equipment shortages which are causing the delays. Additions or replacement of pool chairs, irrigation systems and more, require to be included in the budget, which is approved on an annual basis. Our monthly dues are our source of income to cover these items and additional ones. Anything withdrawn from the Reserves account, is required to be replenished.

Residents parking large trucks were prohibited in the Gardens, but this rule was reversed in 2018, as well as walking dogs along the lakes, by previous boards. Patio enlargements are not permitted. Area-wide wifi will be tested after internet service is installed at the gate for coverage. Our exterior walls consist of rebar and chicken wire mesh which may limit the signal. The cost of three antennas are estimated at $5000. Streaming services (internet television) would be limited due to shortened bandwidth, but normal usage (email and Google searches) would be feasible.

As always, please contact the office first for information, guidance, maintenance work order requests, renting out the Rec Hall, etc. The front area discussions throughout 2021 entailed: installing a putting green area, covered pavilion, picnic table area and fire pit. Any ideas to funding any of these would be appreciated, should we all decide in developing that area where the restaurant once stood.

Renters are to address minor issues with their owners or unit managers, not the office. Owners are responsible to assure that the renters check in with the office, are aware of ALL the rules and regulations and where to find them in their unit. Notices are being affixed to the windshields of parking violators, which include commercial vehicle parking.

Again, I ask that everyone to notify the office PRIOR to any work to be done to the exterior of their unit, including any plant removal, planting, hanging, etcetera for GUIDANCE. You will be directed how to proceed and whether the Architectural Committee needs to be involved or not. For other issues concerning your units, common areas, gutters, shrubbery, etc, please submit a work order request form.

Units are assigned ONE parking space and may park ONE other vehicle in the Guest parking spaces. Limbs over parking spaces are trimmed accordingly and can not be completely removed. Concerns over the Back Lot for trailers were addressed. Monthly/annual fees would require a vote and donations would be an accepted practice. Reorganization  and renumbering of these spaces would provide extra spaces. Owners who rent and do not reside in the Gardens, relinquish their common area, as well as parking privileges, to their renters.

General discussions at the end of the Board Meetings may only entail agenda items. Residents must have signed in and stated the agenda topic of concern prior to the start of the meeting. To place an agenda item on an upcoming Board Meeting, submit these in writing to the office at least 7 days in advance.

For any questions, comments, concerns or work order requests, please leave a written note with your name and unit number at the office so that the office and board may address them appropriately. Thank you.

See you in March! Tim

Tahitian Gardens Board of Directors
Monthly Tattler