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Hello April!

Average temperatures in April are 81F for the highs and 62F for the lows. Pollen season began in January and should end in May. We have 50% more pollen this season because of higher temperatures and levels of carbon dioxide. The frogs will continue to croak loudly with warmer temperatures. You will notice circles at the bottom of the lakes where the fish are spawning. The male fish will gather the eggs strewn about, “spit” these back into the center and continue to guard them. The third week of April brings (duck and hen) chicks, turtles laying eggs and a few little frogs will jump here and there.

The Town Hall Forum for March entailed feeding of animals. It is illegal to feed the wildlife and if we do not feed the cats, we will eliminate our cat problems. The fountain pump is being rebuilt. Fences and sidewalks are power-washed annually, provided we have the personell. Many associations are experiencing staffing shortages as we are. Tahitian Gardens Circle will be paved in the next few years along with painting the centerline along with the parking spaces.

Rules are rules, please adhere to them. A prior board member mentioned that trucks were prohibited from parking here a few years back and they had to park their S-10 pickup in the back lot. Units are permitted to have two vehicles parked here.  Residents have right of way on the sidewalks, not your dogs. Please be respectful. Dog dung spotted right in the grass by my vehicle and along the lakes. Clean up after your dogs.

Let’s not be negligent. Please assure that your doors have the stops and chains attached. Also have your air conditioning/air handler units checked and maintained annually along with your water heaters. Cockroaches mainly enter units through toilets without water. Place cellophane over toilets when returning north. The association is only responsible for building infestations, not your individual units.

The March Board Meeting entailed renewing our laundry contract to become profitable for us. Eventually we will be adding credit card options for payment in the laundry room. We will be adding pet waste stations as well. The gate and fence should be up in the first few weeks of April.

Community Day volunteers painted along the bottom of the pool area murals and cleaned up the fronds and trash located outside our fence up front. Thank you again to all who volunteer their time and effort. Thank you.

See you in May,