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Average temperatures in March are 77F for the highs and 57F for the lows. Pollen season continues throughout this month and the leaves have pretty much all fallen off the trees. As the temperatures warm up, you will hear the frogs croaking.

February’s Town Hall discussions and Board Meeting business covered issues such as man power, equipment and product shortages. These effected the gutter/awning replacements, gate installation delays and various repair work. Roofing issues were addressed. New project ideas should be submitted in writing to the office and entail the entire scope, funding and resident support within Florida laws and statutes. From there it will be forwarded to the associated committee and/or to the board. We are working on having committee representation present here when the snowboards have flown north. Committees are to hold meetings and document these with “Minutes”. Funds and monies are to be managed and disbursed through the office, according to state laws and statutes.

Back lot trailer rules and ideas were discussed. Mentioned were vehicles are to be road-worthy with license plates attached, annual copy of registration and a key to the trailer hitch lock should be available in the office. The bulletin board by the game room door is there for real estate business.

Various issues with dogs were mentioned and it was brought to our attention that just recently, dogs were permitted to be walked around the Gardens. Prior to that, this was not permitted and animals were restricted to the resident’s front yards. Mentioned were the $32 per month dues for a one bedroom condo…40 years ago, back then a candy bar was 5 cents. Now a candy bar is about a dollar, twenty times what it was. Now if your dues had kept up with inflation, they should be over $640 now. Be thankful. Again, tree branches hanging over parking areas will only be trimmed and cut if these are not detrimental to the health of the tree, as determined by an arborist. Healthy trees will not be removed.

The turn-around for the gate has been paved and the gate is in the powder coating process at this time. The Veterans’ Memorial Garden will be completed, once the dedication plaque stand is constructed. Thank you again veterans and volunteers! Community Day entailed cleanup of the fence area up front, along with touch up painting around the kitchen and pool areas. Again, thank you to all the volunteers!!!


For any questions, comments, concerns or work order requests, please leave a written note with your name and unit number at the office so that the office and board may address them appropriately.

 Thank you and see you in April! Tim