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Next month will be the one year anniversary of Tiptoeing Through the Gardens! Complaints have come in that the articles are repetitive and not informative enough. We are attempting to inform the new residents, who arrive throughout the year, of our rules, events and infos.

Average temperatures in February are 72F for the highs and 53F for the lows. Pollen season continues, as well as the leaves falling off the trees. With 11 species of oak trees, Florida is one of the worst areas in the world for allergy sufferers. About the third week into February, frogs will croak loudly throughout the evenings.

January’s Town Hall discussions and Board Meeting business covered issues such as sidewalk repairs, gutters, grates and such, that are being taken care of as firms are dealing with personnel and equipment shortages which are causing the delays. Additions or replacement of pool chairs, irrigation systems and more, require to be included in the budget, which is approved on an annual basis. Our monthly dues are our source of income to cover these items and additional ones. Anything withdrawn from the Reserves account, is required to be replenished.

Residents parking large trucks were prohibited in the Gardens, but this rule was reversed in 2018, as well as walking dogs along the lakes, by previous boards. Patio enlargements are not permitted. Area-wide wifi will be tested after internet service is installed at the gate for coverage. Our exterior walls consist of rebar and chicken wire mesh which may limit the signal. The cost of three antennas are estimated at $5000. Streaming services (internet television) would be limited due to shortened bandwidth, but normal usage (email and Google searches) would be feasible.

As always, please contact the office first for information, guidance, maintenance work order requests, renting out the Rec Hall, etc. The front area discussions throughout 2021 entailed: installing a putting green area, covered pavilion, picnic table area and fire pit. Any ideas to funding any of these would be appreciated, should we all decide in developing that area where the restaurant once stood.

Renters are to address minor issues with their owners or unit managers, not the office. Owners are responsible to assure that the renters check in with the office, are aware of ALL the rules and regulations and where to find them in their unit. Notices are being affixed to the windshields of parking violators, which include commercial vehicle parking.

Again, I ask that everyone to notify the office PRIOR to any work to be done to the exterior of their unit, including any plant removal, planting, hanging, etcetera for GUIDANCE. You will be directed how to proceed and whether the Architectural Committee needs to be involved or not. For other issues concerning your units, common areas, gutters, shrubbery, etc, please submit a work order request form.

Units are assigned ONE parking space and may park ONE other vehicle in the Guest parking spaces. Limbs over parking spaces are trimmed accordingly and can not be completely removed. Concerns over the Back Lot for trailers were addressed. Monthly/annual fees would require a vote and donations would be an accepted practice. Reorganization  and renumbering of these spaces would provide extra spaces. Owners who rent and do not reside in the Gardens, relinquish their common area, as well as parking privileges, to their renters.

General discussions at the end of the Board Meetings may only entail agenda items. Residents must have signed in and stated the agenda topic of concern prior to the start of the meeting. To place an agenda item on an upcoming Board Meeting, submit these in writing to the office at least 7 days in advance.

For any questions, comments, concerns or work order requests, please leave a written note with your name and unit number at the office so that the office and board may address them appropriately. Thank you.

See you in March! Tim